Traveling Through

"Traveling Through"
8"x 10"
framed, acrylic
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I did "Traveling Through", for one of Karin Jurick's challenges. It was from a photo she had. I did it on a red background, which was challenging, but I just love the red popping through! 

I hope you don't mind, but occasionally I going to tell you what I'm listening to.....

While cleaning out my studio, (which I still doing!) I was listening to Garrison Keillor , and he had  a guest speaker, poet, Billy Collins. I have never been "into" poetry, probably because when I learned about it in school, they gave us something ancient that needed a teacher to explain it! But Billy has changed my mind..... :) (Trust me....just listen...)


Daggi Wallace said...

I saw this because of your link on Leslie Saeta site. Love this painting, the red popping through, the brilliant composition, the pattern of shapes and lights and darks. A small gem!

Cathy Engberg said...

You are right! That was a great poem! Thank you

Oh I remember that challenge! This had to be one of the best entries. Wonderful painting. And I love the red poking through too!

Celeste Bergin said...

Beautiful painting and yes....I heard Billy Collins once and never forgot it! He is brilliant. Thanks for the link

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