New Golden Products

I just attended a very informative demo about the new Golden OPEN Acrylics and Digital grounds.
The Open Acrylics stay wet significantly longer than the regular acrylics and the OPEN mediums and paints can be mixed with Golden regular paints allowing you adjust the open time to your personal preferences!
The digital grounds are amazing:
GOLDEN Digital Grounds turn just about any relatively flat surface into an ink-jet printable surface, providing the control and freedom to create textures and surfaces at whatever scale and shape desired.
If you do any ink jet printing, I highly recommend that you spend some time reading about them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for attending my lecture on saturday. I googled your name when I was doing my reports and adding you to the contact list! Much to my surprise- I found your blog mentioning the lecture. You may want to visit my blog as well, www.corrineloomisdietz@blogspot.com
I use the sight to exhibit work and my connection to other artists.
I hope our paths cross again!

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