Sunny Day in San Fran

Sunny Day in San Fran

"Sunny Day in San Fran"
6"x 6"
acrylic on gessoboard

Here is a "quick" painting for Daily Paintworks of a scene that Carol Marine caught on camera on her visit to San Francisco. 
"Quick" for me because it only took me 4 hours and a size like this used to take me a whole week!  


Jerry Stocks said...

This is so beautifully painted. I like everything about it.

Lisa Graham said...

I really love the subjects you chose to paint and especially how you paint them. I look forward to following your work.

Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!

carolyn cobb art said...

Amazed That you captured so much in such small space!

Sherry Schmidt said...

Love the light in this piece!

Geoffrey Taylor said...

Exquisite. All of them, but sunny day in San Francisco is the one I want. Afraid to go back there, tectonics and all.

I have a picture of my daughter on a snow-white pony in a field of daisies, and it's rather special to me. The horse is named Silver, the girl is named Serenity, and I can almost prove that she is the current incarnation of Princess Grace of Monaco. With your permission, I'll send it to the email address for Pictures That Might Inspire.

Annie Salness said...

Geoffrey, I would love you to send me that picture! In fact, my mother was called, "Princess Grace" when she was growing up.
Thank you!

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