2 Cups, 2 Oranges

"2 Cups, 2 Oranges"

8"x 8"
 acrylic on stretched canvas
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This is my last challenge for the "30 in 30 Day Challenge" by Leslie Saeta.
I made 7 paintings. 
I listened to Lisa Daria's message on Artists Helping Artists, and revamped my schedule. 
I used to get up at 5, make coffee :) and read aloud, do my "Morning Pages", (writing from the Artist Way), go through my planner, and do my electrical myostimulation. (electrical "pads" for my stroke)
Now, I get up at 5, make coffee, and paint! (I do that other stuff at night!)
Then I have time for commissioned paintings  through out the day.
I think I will continue the small paintings every three to four days. It has given me confidence.
Thank you Leslie and Lisa! 


Torrie Smiley said...

I love this!

Unknown said...

I am falling in love with your work! Lovely.

Maria Bennett Hock said...

beautiful work!!!

Jo Reimer said...

This is so nice, Annie. You make me want to do daily paintings.

Celeste Bergin said...

beautifully done....and with your LEFT HAND!!! I can't get over it! Applause!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Magnifique Annie , j'aime beaucoup!
Bonne journée à toi.

Debbie said...

Cheers to you Annie! This is a beautiful painting! I admire your discipline and wish you many happy paintings days ahead. Your work is wonderful!

Nora MacPhail said...

This painting is really beautiful. The light against the dark background just sings!

Anonymous said...

Great painting. I love how dramatic it is!

Wendy Barrett said...

Wow! your paintings are amazing Annie. You are such an inspiration!

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. Wow what a schedule. I am very impressed. I too try to do the morning pages, and encourage my students when I teach writing to do the same thing. But I do them whenever I have time -- and for me morning is the best time.

Love this painting.

Take care,


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