It's always in the signature....

I miss my dad's Valentine's Day cards.
It didn't matter what it said, I just miss his signature, "Love, Dad".

He passed away several years ago.

Soon after he passed, around Valentine's Day, I read this blog post by my friend, Gwenn Seemel, who is a portrait artist. In her blog post, "Signature Style", she wrote,

"I’ve never wanted to sign the fronts of my paintings....My decision originates on a very visceral level—the act feels like a desecration!—but there’s a logic to it too: signing art seems redundant to me. Shouldn’t the work itself represent the artist better than her-his name?"

No signature????? That's all I remember about my dad's cards! 

When looking at a piece of art, I look first at the work, and second at the signature. I may recognize the piece, but the signature let's me know it is from the artist.

I get some sense of satisfaction.

I know it's from them.


Celeste Bergin said...

Your Dad's signature is lovely...and I agree, the person is somehow "there" when you see the signature.

I have to agree with you that the signature part of a painting is somehow satisfying....like oh yeah, I knew that was a (so and so) painting!

Thanks for including me in your signature line-up. I've seen your signature and it's a good one!

Cathleen Rehfeld said...


Cathleen Rehfeld said...


Carolina Elizabeth said...

This was a great and interesting read. Thank you for passing it on. Carolina Elizabeth

Barbara Muir said...

What a great post, I almost cried about the Love Dad, and you've made me think. I sign my work. I don't have a good signature, but I do sign it.

You are right.

Take care,


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Good thoughts here. I like seeing an artist's signature, too, unless it is too large or draws attention away from the painting.

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