Here's Herbie!

acrylic on masonite

I was communicating via email with a very nice lady from Brand Innovators and saw a picture of her dog Herbie at the bottom of her email.......I couldn't resist and asked if I could paint him!

Click on image for larger view.


Let the Logo Games Begin

I am always looking to learn and have recently subscribed to HOW magazine which is for graphic designers. Through their website I found and read a very informative and fun blog entry from a graphic design firm called id29 (www.id29.com) titled, "Let the Logo Games Begin" where they hired four online logo design companies, gave them the same visual identity problem to solve and critiqued the results. Every time I create I am designing and it is helpful to get different perspectives.


Bear Painting Process Update

Here is another bear painting update. (The last update was posted on July 11) I made the trees a bit more abstract. Even though the trees are a bit busy, there will be black outlining in the bear when it is done which will really make it pop out. I love it when you find a painting you love to look at as a whole, but can also find small areas of color or brush stroke, etc. that you like to spend time looking at. I have had a lot of fun really developing the smaller areas, but when I am painting something this large, I have to be careful not to get lost in the small areas and forget to pull myself back and remember the painting as a whole! Unfortunately my photo doesn't show all the beautiful color as well as I would like it to. So much to learn!
Click on image for larger view.


Volleyball T-shirt

Here's the t-shirt! The kids love it!

We were out of town last week so I am back to painting this week. I plan to post an updated picture of the bear soon.
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