Football and Art? :)

My husband called me to watch a play in a football game on TV. "I want you to see this....it is the perfect tipping drill!" he said. 
It was!  
I appreciated it because I coached football with him for about 6 years. We coached the freshmen. 

The University High School Trojans football, Irvine, CA. 1986?
I am the short girl in the white shirt. :)

I would coach the corner-backs and I remember all the drills I had them do..... .doing the same thing over and over again. Why? So when you get in a game, you don't have to think about how to shift your weight, the correct tackling form, the "tipping drill" etc....you just react to the game. Prepare ahead and practice the skill until muscle memory kicks in. 

One of the good parts of me having my stroke was that I have to draw all the time to switch to my left hand, (my right hand is still not responsive yet.) doing the same thing over and over..... 
Something I should have been doing anyway!
 I always start with drawing lines to an upbeat song like this:

and then I settle down and I draw whatever is around me or go to an online figure drawing site and listen to this:

and this:

I KNOW that if I don't DRAW, PAINT, or WORKOUT everyday, I would not improve. 
At times, my recovery seems like it is taking forever,  (4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 2 days...), but I see improvement! 
Practice, practice, practice. Improve, improve, improve. 
Never give up!

Listening to while I paint:
Audio Books:
"Creativity, Inc." by Ed Catmull, narrated by Peter Altschuler.

The Nerdist, Episode 621, with Andrea Romano (voice director), hosted by Chris                                              Hardwick
Food is the New Rock, hosted by Zach Brooks
The Lede, hosted by Jerod Morris
Artists Helping Artists, hosted by Leslie Saeta
Social Media Examiner, hosted by Michael Stelzner
"Wait, Wait.... Don't Tell Me!", hosted by Peter Sagal
Splendid Table, hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper
American's Test Kitchen, hosted by Christopher Kimball

My iPod

Really helpful!:
I am continually checking a dictionary, thesaurus, spell check, but one thing that has been particularly helpful is the grammar check. Please excuse any errors that I make and tell me! :)

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