10"x 8"
Acrylic, mixed media
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I entered the Daily Paintworks challenge to "Paint It White". Sketchbooks are always on my mind and in my hands, but especially lately.

I have been "following" Danny Gregory, an author and an illustrator, for several years and I  have several of his books: "Creative License", "Everyday Matters", and "An Illustrated Life".
I have enjoyed listening and viewing  his interviews on artists from his recent book, "An Illustrated Journey".

I just finished reading, "A Kiss Before You Go. An illustrated memoir of love and loss.", by Danny Gregory.  

"After the loss of his wife in a tragic accident, beloved artist Danny Gregory chronicled his grief in the medium he knows best—the pages of his illustrated journals. This intimate volume reproduces these journal pages in a stirring visual memoir of Gregory's journey towards recovery. Uniquely sincere, and by turns tender, raw, and hopeful, Gregory's idiosyncratic text and illustrations capture the darkest and lightest moments of his "year of magical drawing." Gregory's process reminds us that creative expression offers its own therapy, and that living each day to its fullest may be as simple as putting pen to paper. Anyone who has experienced loss will take solace in this refreshingly candid look at grieving, while art lovers will marvel at the artist's beautiful celebration of the power of creation."

I really suggest that you watch the 1 1/2 minute video. (I couldn't figure how to embed (?) it on here!)  


Stroke Update

2 and 1/2 years later, 
I walked, up and down the street, 
without my leg brace (I gave that up in August!) and 


I will be running by July......
next year......
I hope!

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