Sofft Tools

Here is a charcoal drawing I did using Sofft tools, charcoal, white charcoal, and PanPastels.

I originally saw this on one of David Kassan's videos and one of David Darrow's videos.
David Kassan has an excellent list of tools here.

My left hand is getting better at finer details but the Sofft tools and PanPastels helped me draw with broad strokes to block in the form.

Drawn with my left (soon to be) drawing and painting hand!


Right Hand?

So, my right hand isn't responsive.....YET.... but...... my left hand is doing pretty well!

I begin my studio time with drawing lines...

and circles....

and things I have around.

Next time, I'll show you the charcoal drawing I did using the Sofft tools I noticed on David Kassan's video and David Darrow's video.

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