Hawaiian Turtle

Hawaiian Turtle
30"x 40"
acrylic on canvas

This was for clients whose favorite vacation spot is Hawaii:

"We go to Hawaii as often as we can- We fell in love with the islands when we took a Hawaiian cruise in 2006. 
Each Island is so unique.  Our favorites are Maui and the big Island of Hawaii.  We've gone back 5 times since that cruise. We've been lucky enough to discover turtles in the water or on the beach each visit.  I'm always fascinated with how slow and agile they glide through the water. The photos we shared with you for this painting were from a visit 3 years ago to the Kona side of Hawaii.
The beach was very quiet that day, and we discovered several turtles resting on the beach near the black rocks.
We couldn't stop looking at them and comparing their shells and unique characteristics. This guy in particular seemed very tired and happy to just nap on the beach and soak up the sun! We sat down near him and did the same ; )"

Here is the process:

I drew out the image with vine charcoal so I could erase it (if necessary!), then I'd fix it or secure it with a workable fixative.

Thank goodness for Brian Buckrell! 

He is a wonderful painter. He introduced me to acrylic pens. I have only begun using them, but they helped me draw out the lines on the turtle. 

Listening to while I paint:

Audiobook: "Someday, Someday, Maybe", by Lauren Graham read by the author
Podcast: Social Media Examiner, by Michael Stelzner
                 The Nerdist, by Chris Hardwick
              Here's The Thinghosted by Alec Baldwin
              The Alton Browncast, hosted by Alton Brown
               Oh So Pinteresting, hosted by Cynthia Sanchez
Music: my ipod

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After The Beach

After The Beach
8"x 10"

A recent commission painting I did for a client and quote from her:

           "Julep is my brown-eyed rescue, age 1-ish. Julep's little bestie and partner in naughtiness is Chance Jones, whose guardian is my best friend Suzy Jones. He is 2-ish.
Both dogs are the happiest dogs in the world. They love playing in all the beautiful trails and beaches of the San Francisco and Marin County and their very favorite is wrestling 'til someone yelps. Julep has brought me more joy than I can measure. I'm looking for a new house with a big fat yard so I can go back to SPCA and get her a friend to play with every day!"

Listening to while I paint:

Audio Books: "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy" , by John Le Carre', narrated by                                  Michael Jayston
Podcasts: The Alton Browncast hosted by Alton Brown 
                 Social Media Marketing hosted by Michael Stelzner
                 Off Camera With Sam Jones , hosted by Sam Jones
Music: my iPod


Paris - 17 years ago....

8"x 10"
acrylic on gessoboard

My client is going this weekend to her sister's house to wish her happy birthday and I got the privilege of doing a painting of her seventeen years ago....

       "Geez 17 yrs ago I barely remember 17 mins ago haha!! It was actually my sister, my mom, my aunt and myself in Paris for her 35 bday. When I took that pic it was just the 2 of us walking around the city taking pics and I just had her sit down at a outdoor cafe with a vogue magazine   I think we were in Paris for a few weeks on that trip. We stayed at this great lil hotel that was so charming and had wonderful art and every morning the butler brought us this beautiful silver platter with coffees, the best hot chocolate EVER and lil French croissants and baguettes with homemade jellies. It was fabulous! 
We spent the days walking around the city taking pics, going to these great flea markets and antique stores, boutiques and art museums. The had wonderful flower markets where I bought her 35 of the biggest most fragrant pink roses on her bday. My aunt could not eat enough French cheese, onion soup or French chocolates! We went in the Spring and even though it was chilly it never rained the whole time we where there. It was a wonderful trip!!"

It sounds wonderful!!!!!

Listening to while I paint:

Podcasts: The Alton Browncast hosted by Alton Brown 
          The Nerdist, by Chris Hardwick
                    The Splendid Table by Lynne Rosetto Kasper

Audio Books: Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy , by John Le Carre' , narrated by Michael Jayston
                                                                              (recommended by my mom :) )                                                                                                    
Music: New find! Daryl's House on YouTube.

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