Dr. Sheldon Nord

Here's what I have on the easel right now. It is a painting of Dr. Sheldon Nord to welcome him into the presidency of Corban University.

The canvas is 24"x 30".

I decided to use Golden Open Acrylics along with regular Golden Acrylics. The Golden Open has a slower dry time than regular acrylics.

I take a photo of it and remove the saturation, (make it black and white),
to see if I am getting the values right.

Here's one of the books that I use to help with values.

It called Exploring Color, by Nita Leland.

I will often paint it upside down. This helps me look at the shapes of the colors instead of telling myself that it is an eye or a nose or whatever! :)

I need to make some adjustments,
back to work!

Listening to:

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me , host - Peter Sagal

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