Dr. Sheldon Nord

Here's what I have on the easel right now. It is a painting of Dr. Sheldon Nord to welcome him into the presidency of Corban University.

The canvas is 24"x 30".

I decided to use Golden Open Acrylics along with regular Golden Acrylics. The Golden Open has a slower dry time than regular acrylics.

I take a photo of it and remove the saturation, (make it black and white),
to see if I am getting the values right.

Here's one of the books that I use to help with values.

It called Exploring Color, by Nita Leland.

I will often paint it upside down. This helps me look at the shapes of the colors instead of telling myself that it is an eye or a nose or whatever! :)

I need to make some adjustments,
back to work!

Listening to:

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me , host - Peter Sagal


Linda Popple said...

Great start! It's going to be a really good portrait. I like that you paint upside down. I think that helps in so many ways.

Wait, wait don't tell me is one of my favorite radio shows!

Celeste Bergin said...

Looking GREAT! Cool to see your process and find out what book you are currently reading. I'll be watching for phase 2. :)

Lisa Graham said...

Wow Annie, it looks so great! Painting upside down would really mess up my brain I think!

Jerry Stocks said...

The likeness is fantastic. Please post the finished portrait.

Irish said...

This is awesome!

Unknown said...

I like the idea of turning the painting to change your mindset. I've used that technique when I can't get past the pre concieved idea of what I'm painting. It especially works with odd angles that your brain doesn't want to break down into shapes. I've also looked at the near finished piece upside down when I can't figure out what is bothering me about it.

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