Inspiration From You

Inspiration for my art comes from many places. Sometimes it’s a photo that I’ve seen. Other times it’s the way a certain part of town or scenery makes me feel … so I go grab my camera to capture what I can.

I thought it would be fun to include my friends and blog followers in my search for inspiration.
I want to know …What inspires you? What would you like me to paint?

Do you have a photo that really speaks to you? Or maybe it’s an idea that tugs at you a bit? I’d love to know about it. It could be a place, an object, food, a quote, a book , etc. If you want to include people, I would prefer something that does not focus on their face. It is amazing how you can recognize someone by their posture or gesture! Let's see what we can create together!

Please submit your photos or ideas to me at: annie@anniesalness.com. If I choose your submission to paint, I’ll give you a free reproduction or note cards as my way of saying, “Thanks for the inspiration!”

1 comment:

Heather said...

Great idea! I took Pierce to the park today ... and grabbed my camera! I don't know if you're inspired by autumn leaves and long shadows the way I am, but on a sunny day like today, it doesn't get much better. Check your email, I'll be sending some photos.

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