Dynamic Figures

I recently came across the art work of two local artists (Portland, Oregon) Mona Jones Cordell and Martin French who do a beautiful job of drawing and painting the dynamic figure. Here is a link to a wonderful video about Mona's work: http://www.monajonescordell.com/video_files3/index2.html I have always been impressed with artists who can capture the gesture and fluidity of the moving figure. Since seeing their work, and because I have four kids playing basketball and volleyball and I spend a lot of time watching games, I've been inspired to work on this aspect of my art. I checked out the book, Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth from the library and am using pictures from magazines and newspapers and Pose Maniacs to draw from. Pose Maniacs has a variety of images and you can select the poses to change every 30 seconds. This is helpful for me to work on capturing the gesture and the mass of the pose. I hope to get to the point where I can draw from life instead of a picture. I'd love to hear if anyone has other resources to recommend!

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