6"x 9"
acrylic on wrapped canvas
Not For Sale

I have been wanting to do this painting for a long time as a gift to Mark.
I had my stroke in Oct, 2010,  when my good friend, Mark Heimann,owner of the Lost Mountain Clayworks, sent me a Kanji (oriental calligraphy) lantern that says "Perseverance" and a little shot glass that says "Courage" that he made.
 "Everyone needs a little shot of courage," says Mark.

Here is Mark's story about Akira:

           "7 & ½ years ago, Becki decided she wanted a dog. Since we had about ten goats then, she wanted a livestock guarding or a herding dog. I was watching the litter and Becki’s decision-making, a long-haired puppy trundled over to me, sat down, and looked me right in the eye. Well, I was completely done in, captured, no doubt chosen by her, and she was coming home with us. 

She had to grow into her ears….

Her name morphed from Keira (from the beautiful Keira Knightley) to Akira (Kurosawa?) somehow – but we do call her Kira (“Keera”) for short.

Anyway Akira has been my constant companion ever since July of 2006. From art festival to pirate festival, beach to river to forest.
She is a natural born guard dog, perhaps prone to bark a little too much…..
And a total love."

Thank you so much Mark! :)

Listening to while I paint:

Podcast: "Wait, Wait.... Don't Tell Me!" hosted by Peter Sagal
                   America's Test Kitchen hosted by Christopher Kimball
Music: my iPod


Bhavani said...

Hi Annie, It was great meeting you the other day. Your dog portrait is awesome. You have captured his character so well.

Celeste Bergin said...

what a beautiful painting of a gorgeous dog!

Jerry Stocks said...

Great story, wonderful dog, and beautiful painting.

Fay Terry said...

Annie, this is a wonderful painting of Akira and I loved hearing the story behind it. Mark's pottery is beautiful, too.

Robin Rosenthal said...

What a beautiful portrait of Akira. She looks so loving. I was moved by the story. Thanks for sharing it.

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