Green Glass, Satsumas, Two Birds

"Green Glass, Satsumas"
5"x 7"
acrylic on gessoboard
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Day 2

In January, I am participating in a "30 in 30" day painting challenge. I have asked people to send me pictures of what they would like painted. The people who pictures I choose to paint will be getting: 
                                                     -  my note cards and gift cards
                                                   - first chance to buy the painting!
If you would like to send me a picture that I can paint, email it to:                                                                                                              annie@anniesalness.com . 
And please include you address! Thank you!!!!

"Two Birds" 
5"x 7" 
acrylic on gessoboard

Day 3

My friend was kind enough to send me the picture that I painted from. As a thank you, I am sending her some of my note cards! 

"That photo was taken from inside a barn on Sauvie Island. The birds were so cute together.  When I saw them I had to capture the moment!"

"Sauvie Island, originally Wapato Island, is approximately 10 miles north of Portland, Oregon. It is the largest island in the Columbia River and one of the largest islands in the U.S. Located at the junction of the Columbia River to the east, Willamette River to the south and Multnomah Channel to the west, the island’s northern half is a wildlife refuge and the southern half is predominantly rural farmland with small residential enclaves."
I used some palette knife on the foreground and the background. That should make Leslie Saeta happy! :)

I NEED HELP with names of paintings. If you have any resources, email me! annie@anniesalness.com

Listening to while I paint:

Audio book: South of Broad, by Pat Conroy. Narrated by Mark Deakins
Music: Spotify


Susan said...

Love those greens and oranges and the wonderful reflections.

Jerry Stocks said...

I love both paintings. Would you believe I know Pat Conroy? We both live in Beaufort, SC.

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